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Text Editor is an online tool that allows you to edit, create, save and download text files for free. Without installing any extensive software, you can use this tool in no time.

Why Our Text Editor ?

This online text editor is the best tool for editing texts on the fly. Whether you’re a teacher preparing your lectures, a student writing your assignments or a businessman jotting down important points, it’s the most convenient online notepad for you.

Text editor online is a cross-platform notepad that you can access from any device without considering your device’s specifications. Just search for “text editor” in your browser and you’re ready to edit your text.

Save unlimited notes

no installation

Fast and Easy to use

How To Use Online Text Editor

The online accessible tools are incredible, you don’t have to do heavy installations or run different software to access them. Similarly, the online text editor doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed.

All you need to do is open the tool and start editing, either uploading the file or pasting the documents you’ve already written. However, below are the detailed steps that will help you use the text editor.


  • First, open your Internet browser and search for text editor. Select in the SERPs and launch the tool. You’ll be redirected to the programme’s homepage, where a sample text in the form of a single sentence will be displayed.


  • Simply, select the clear option in the toolbar to create/edit your own text. Now you’ll be provided with a simple field for text editing.


  • With the online text editor you can’t only create your text document, but also upload an already existing file. To upload your file, go back to the toolbar and click on the “Upload” option. Browse your required file and start editing.

Copy and Paste

  • You can also edit any copied text in your clipboard. Just paste the copied content into the editing window and your text can be edited or rewritten.


  • The online notepad also allows you to save your document as a file on your device. When you’re done editing, you can simply save it by clicking on the download option. When you save the document to your device, you can share it with other people on any devices.


  1. What is text editor?

    Text Editor is an online notepad that lets you effortlessly create and edit text. Without downloading and installing any software, you can edit your files using any platform.

  2. What are the uses of the online text editor?

    Online text editors are very useful and convenient as they’re easily available on all platforms. With an online text editor you can edit your text files, do coding, prepare assignments and notes, in short, you can do any kind of writing work without distractions.

  3. How to edit text online?

    The simplest and easiest way to edit your text online is to use an online text editor. All you’ve to do is search for an online notepad, open the website and start editing your texts. You can also edit your old files by uploading them to the text editor.

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